Ready, Set, S.O.A.R

Strengths — Opportunities — Aspirations — Results

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Ready, set, s.o.a.r … in 2019 and beyond!

What We Focus On Expands!

Being READY is about believing in the power of your dreams.

Being SET dives a little deeper into the balance of ICE Intelligence… why Intellectual, Contextual, and Emotional Intelligence need to align for success.

Being able to S.O.A.R is all about focusing on the right elements. We affirm the concepts introduced by Appreciative Inquiry of

Strengths — Opportunities — Aspirations — Results

Great takeaways from this workshop include exposing the five mindset mistakes we make in setting goals that have us missing our target goals regardless of the effort to achieve them.

This training can be scheduled for your company or team in your training facility or ours.

Be sure to reserve your seat — space is limited.

Bring a friend or colleague with you.