Professional Sales Training

Are you in a professional sales career or a business owner wanting to give your bottom line a boost? Sales is a relationship business. The first step in the buyer’s journey is to know, like, and trust you. There is a science behind selling. Don’t just make a sale, create a client connection that builds a lasting relationship. Choose from fundamental courses of a few hours to one full day or take our 12 week certified advanced sales training boot camps level 1 and / or level 2. Course descriptions and deliverables are listed under each.

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Sales Psychology

12 Week Certificate Training Program

12 Week Course Description:

Week 1: Intro: Do You Buy You?

Week 2: The Big 3 x 3

Week 3: I’m Helping Others Succeed

Week 4: Marketing is Applied Passion

Week 5: Solve the Problem

Week 6: The Diamond Mindset

Week 7: First Impressions Seal the Deal

Week 8: Don’t Steal the Microphone

Week 9: Painting A Compelling Picture

Week 10: Climbing Mt. Nut

Week 11: When Would You Like To Get Started?

Week 12: Remain a Visible Member of the Team


Business Owner / Sales Professional

12 Week Certificate Training Program

12 Week Course Description:

Week 1: Ten Disciplines of Selling

Week 2: That Which Gets Measured

Week 3: Selling with an Echo / How Steady Is Your Marketing Drum Beat?

Week 4: Your Ideal Client Avatars

Week 5: People Buy From People Who Like Them

Week 6: Please Open The Gate

Week 7: SPIN Class

Week 8: Telling Isn’t Selling

Week 9: Proposals Validate Decisions Already Made

Week 10: Busting Out of the Stall

Week 11: Know the Buyer’s Motive

Week 12: Cherish Them!


Lunch & Learn


5 keys to increasing your sales influence

2 Hour Lunch and Learn

Topics Covered:

How Belief Affects Your Results

How to Identify Ideal Clients

Why Relationships Matter

3 Questions to Ask in Every Deal

The Importance of Persistence

Schedule one for your team or attend an open session in our training office.


It’s Easier Than You Think


The Fundamentals of selling

Full Day Certificate Training Workshop

Great for Every Business Owner and Leader!

Topics Covered:

Basics of Selling

Sales Conversations

Establishing Rapport

Asking the RIGHT Questions

Mastering your Unique Selling Proposition

WIN / WIN Closing Strategies


Measure Your Strengths


DISC & Strengths profile assessment for THE sales PROFESSIONAL

Full DISC Assessment and 3 Hour Training Workshop with Strengths Finder 2.0 Bonus

Your strengths are incredibly unique, and they can be geared toward a sales focus to positively impact your results.

Communication styles dictate our ability to bridge the know, like, and trust gap. We see the world as we are, not as the world really is — people are different, yet they are predictably different.

Our expert team is certified to bring you a dynamic workshop to learn how to easily evaluate communication styles using the unique characteristics, and motivating factors of each style. Also gain the ability to gear your approach with “secret sauce” and “magic words” to increase your ability to not only close the deal but create long lasting client relationships.

Workshops are offered twice monthly, attend the one that works best for your schedule. You may re-audit the workshop at any point at no additional charge.