Adding Extreme Value At An Extreme Value

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Experience Our Coaching Impact

We use a unique system of focus using your strengths to take you from where you are to where you want to be in your career.

A monthly deep dive planning meeting in person and several check-ins along the journey. Using the models shared here and our keep track system for balance, you will gain significant growth. We are there to help every step of the way, being available in between our scheduled conversations

We mean it — adding extreme value at an extreme value, schedule a free coaching consultation and discover our reasonable coaching retainer fees, no contract, begin and end at any time.

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Four Disciplines of Execution

by Franklin Covey


What we focus on expands … this will expand productivity and profitability.

1. Identifying Wildly Important Goals

2. Identifying The Action Steps To Achieve Them

3. Tracking With A Compelling Scoreboard

4. Committing To A Regular Schedule Of Accountability

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GROWing YOU Counts!

Trust the process in the journey.

Our strength-based journey begins with some key assumptions:

1. Life is multi-faceted (10 interrelated domains)

2. Every life domain matters

3. Progress can only begin with getting clear on where you are right now.

4. Every life domain can be improved

5. Confident success is a byproduct of personal growth.