How Many HUGS Did You Give AND Receive Today?

I recently heard the most amazing thing about the relationship between hugging and releasing endorphins in our brain. As simple as this is, I believe it entirely.

A person needs

3 hugs per day to survive,

6 hugs per day to sustain,

9 hugs per day to grow, and

12 hugs per day to thrive.

Genuinely, the impact of sharing love with others can be life changing. I never gave thought to the impact of a HUG, and apparently multiple hugs, now along with eggs, are better by the dozen!!

I recently met a new friend for lunch to share information about business stuff, and I asked, “are you a hugger?” —- the response was, “no, actually, but why not?” SO we shared a hug — of course, right? When have you ever seen me and not given or received a hug? Don’t answer that if you ever encountered me on a bad day. I think I have a new quest… make sure I am giving out at least 12 hugs per day.

I am definitely a HUGGER … it’s actually closer to say, I LOVE TO HUG! Even electronically, this is what an Electronic Hug looks like … here’s yours (((((((((( BIG HUG )))))))))) , please feel free to give me one in the comments below as well in return.

HUGS are good for our health — I like the sound of that, and I love knowing that.

Even better by the DOZEN DAILY!! Let’s have FUN with this… share some hugs right now!!

I love you, my friends!!


XOXOXOXO —- (Wait, there’s even a bonus with these hugs! LOL!)

Patty :-)